Sunday, March 1, 2009

The View

Hubby and I took a drive a couple of weeks ago looking for property. I took this picture between the town we live in now and the town we are going to move to. Isn't it just gorgeous? We love it here. Of course, right now everything is brown and dreary... It's winter, what do you expect?
Some of you that are not from Southeast Texas (or other similar areas) will not be impressed with our hills... But for me (a lifelong Southeast Texas girl), this view is fabulous!


Dee Tollaksen said...

Kim, I follow your blog, and enjoyed the photo of Texas today. My daughter will be headed to Baylor this fall, where are you located--being from Chicago, SW TX doesn't mean a thing to me!
I tried to email you at the account on your blog, but it failed!

Maria Matter said...

Lovely pix, Kim!
Last spring we had a lovely cross country drive from PA to AZ and took a southern Rt through the top half of Texas, it was very different for us! Lots of cows and fence! lol We were checking out some property we had seen online and talking to people along the way...everyone was soooo nice and welcoming! Thanks for sharing your photo! Off to have a looksy at the rest of your blog! Hopping through blogland tonight, Blessings, Maria

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