Monday, November 24, 2008

Shopping With My Nieces

Hey all! I have not gotten to get a camera yet! I didn't strike out on my own to do it since my sister had called and asked me to go to Target with her and her two kids (Kaytee - 6 and Emberlee - 3)... If I am at home when she has to go shopping, she typically gives me a call so that I can help with interference with the kiddos!

Anyway, when she picked me up, she asked if we could go to the mall for a minute because she needed to pick up the girls matching sweaters for this year. (that is the only thing that she purchases identical for her two girls. Every year she gets a Rugby sweater just alike for them to wear to family Christmas events.) Well, as is usual, a quick trip to the mall started to stretch out and wasn't just a one stop trip!

Now that you have the backstory, here is the real story! :) Emberlee fell asleep between my house and the mall (5 minute trip). So, she wasn't the happiest of little people when we got there and woke her up. While we were shopping, Kayla decided to use the old bribe of "If you are good, you will get a cookie before we leave"... Well, Emberlee decided she wanted her cookie NOW! And proceeded to announce to the entire mall in her little 3 year old shrill screech that she wanted a cookie!!! When Kayla reached the exit, I was at least 100 yards from her (she was pratically running) and could still hear Emberlee screaming for her cookie!

Needless to say our evening of shopping was over. When she dropped me off, I had completely forgotten that I needed to purchase a camera while we were out! So, I plan to get out today and get one!

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